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We support

Art by Me proudly supports vulnerable and marginalized groups. We believe everybody deserves the opportunity to release their inner artist and experience the peace, immersion, and rest that follows.

Therefore, we support:
Lyserød Lørdag – støt brysterne, because every 9th Danish woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, affecting an entire family, friends, and social circle. This is an issue close to our hearts, as we are a large workplace mainly run by women.
The children’s ward at Aalborg University Hospital – because children and illnesses should not know each other. Every child has the right to live a carefree childhood without endless trips to the hospital, sad parents, and an outlook for many examinations, needles, and tears. We want to give the children a change in scenery, and we notice how their little shoulders become a little lighter when they are swinging paint brushes and are thoughts deep into their new art project.
Children and adolescent psychiatry at Aalborg University Hospital – because mental health is just as important as physical health. When the world tests its brave soldiers, we find peace when immersed in creativity. Turbulent thoughts get a deserved rest, and we can again play, relax, and recharge. If we can give other brave soldiers, who may have trouble seeing the bright colors of their life, an opportunity to play, relax, and recharge, then happiness fills our hearts.

We love culture and experiences, so naturally, we are business sponsors for
Aalborg Theatre

Aalborg Handball