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We have an abundance of colors, and to make it just a little easier for you to take them home, we have made color palettes with each theme - but you can also choose to buy the colors individually if you would like a densely ground color. The paint comes in tubes of 30 ml. so, for the sake of the imagination, let’s say you want to paint a cup with a densely ground color. To make your dreams come true, you would then need 2 tubs with 30 ml. in each.

It is always a good idea to consider what motive, pattern, or expression you want on your pottery before placing your order so you can buy more paint for your pretty little work of art.

The colors you see are how they will look on the finished piece of pottery. While painting, the colors will have a pastel/dusty look to them, so remember that the colors will become vibrant during firing - just like the pictures.

Psst… if you have excess paint, then you can advantageously store it in a bag in a slightly cold and dark place - just remember the lid and tie a knot on the bag. If you know you are not going to paint for another couple of months, then we will happily take your excess paint and recycle it into mosaic.