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Children's club

We love children. And children love us. Because here, there are no parents and they can do what those little heads love to do most; to paint. The children’s club is from the 3rd grade and up and there is room for 9 children on each team. The duration is four Wednesdays from 16:00PM - 18:00PM.

Okay, but what is this children’s club all about? Well, for four continuous Wednesdays we paint on specially selected ceramic together with your child. We tell them about the techniques and colors, drink juice, and engage in fairy tales - and there is always a sweet hostess keeping an eye out for your child.

The price for the whole splendor is 795DKK and this includes:

4 different pieces of ceramics.




 A sweet hostess that keeps watch and 'teaches' in the different techniques.

Call us on +45 27 63 32 32 or write for more information:



Børneklub | Art by Me