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Art by Me

<transcy>Body mugs</transcy>

399,00 DKK

Show off your shape and size with our body mugs made by Hand Made By Tone.

All the body mugs are different – Hand Made By Tone has taken the liberty to mold and fold every booby and willy displayed on the mugs. And just like how every body is different and unique, so are the mugs.

Are you not familiar with Tone? Then don’t worry. Based in Aalborg, she is a self-employed ceramicist that makes body-inspired pottery. She wants her pottery to bring out smiles, laughter, and happiness along with a reminder that every body is beautiful.

Every mug is unique in its kind, hand-made, and Tone suggests using them as a tooth mug, flowerpot, or as the new morning coffee cup.

To round it all off, Tone adds: “I hope you like them just as much as I like making them.”

Measurements: C 9 cm. H 10 cm

Three quick reminders:

1. If you need to purchase colors, click right here and see all our color palettes and colors with effect.

2. Please be aware that the colors do not look alike pre- and post-firing. Have the post-fired colors in your mind when painting.

3. Remember to add your initials and date of completion at the bottom of your pottery to ensure we return the correct pottery.

Psst. you will receive a sponge and a paintbrush when purchasing a piece of ceramic.

  • Delivery options

    The Cozy Kits are only for pick-up in one of our cafés. When paying at the cash register, you choose which café you want to pick up your Cozy Kit. You will receive an e-mail when your Cozy Kit is ready for pick-up.
    Our gift cards can be purchased in one of our cafés, but we are more than happy to send them to you. We use GLS to ensure your package arrives safely.

  • Technique videos

    We have made little technique videos that you can watch here. You can use these techniques when visiting us and at home when unleashing your inner artist on a Cozy Kit.

    You can also find inspiration via our Instagram page or Facebook page.

  • The colors after firing

    Within our webpage with colors (you can see them here), you can see what the colors will look like on the finished piece of pottery.

    While painting the pottery, the colors will have a more pastel-ish look. Please remember that the colors will pop during firing and stand out much more clearly - just like the pictures of the colors.